Jimmy Messer Discography

Artist Album Label
KELLY CLARKSONMy December Sony/BMG producer, writer, engineer, guitar, keys
Touring 2003-07 guitar, background vocals
ENRIQUE IGLESIASTouring 2002-05 Interscope guitar
JOE FIRSTMANproducer, writer, engineer, mixer
AARON BRUNOproducer, writer, engineer, mixer
EMMA LASRYproducer, writer
BIC RUNGA Sony NZ co-writer
NEON TREES Universal co-writer
GOUDIEPeep Show Elektra/TMC writer, producer, guitar,keys
Effects of Maddness India producer, writer, engineer, guitar
THE VERONICASSecret Life of the Veronicas Sire/WB guitar
REBA MCENTIRECrossroads CMT guitar
LUCKY 7Lucky 7 Omega producer, guitar
WAR TAPES War Tapes (EP) Indie engineer
LUCKY 7Lucky 7Omega producer, guitar
BLUEBIRDFalling Back to Earth Sweet Nothing mixer
BASCOM HILLMaybe Arrival producer, engineer, guitar, keys
BILL MADDENGone Madmuse engineer
WE ARE JUAN Road to Reach You Leprechaun producer, guitar